Upgrading your ghost blog!

Sreedhar Bukya
1 min readMar 12, 2017


Every time I came here to write my thoughts or experiences, I notify that latest version ghost package is available to upgrade. Today I have upgraded system packages and ghost to the latest version.

I will share my experience “How to upgrade ubuntu packages” in another blog. Today my focus on upgrading ghost packages. Following steps are mostly taken from the official blog of ghost

  1. First, take the back-up of your content folder. You can use the export tool from labs in ghost admin page.
  2. Keep an eye on logs of your application and nginx both ghost logs.
  3. Please make sure you take a look at logs for any errors. While I was upgrading, I got npm package errors.
  4. Please check the status of running application by
service ghost status
  1. Download latest ghost software/ package using below
curl -LOk https://ghost.org/zip/ghost-latest.zip

and unzip ghost.latest.zip.

unzip ghost.latest.zip

6.Replace following files and folders with ghost installation location.

  • core/
  • index.js
  • PRIVACY.md
  • README.md
  • package.json
  • npm-shrinkwrap.json

7.Don't’ Replace following folders.

8. Check folder permission for ghost user and assign permission to user

chown -R ghost:ghost core

9.Update latest dependencies for ghost

npm install --production
  1. Restart ghost application.
service ghost start/restart

I hope the above instructions are helpful in upgrading the ghost platform. I think It is 10 mins job for upgrading your blog and It is important to run your application for performance and security issues.

Please feel free to communicate/ discuss below in the case of any.

Thanking you,

Have a good day!

Originally published at www.sreedharbukya.com on March 12, 2017.