Shifting from Python to Java

Sreedhar Bukya
1 min readSep 26, 2018

I would present about the differences between Python and Java programming languages from my professional experience. If you would like to more about me. The content is my opinion after building web apps in Python stack for 2.5 years and Java Stack about a year now.

  • Object Orientation concepts are same but implementing is different. Java doesn’t support multiple inheritances whereas Python does.
  • Working with Python scripts since the syntax is plain and simple and with Java, It is more completed.
  • Python is interpreted language whereas Java is compiled language.
  • Java has an elegant way to write language patterns like singleton and abstractions.
  • Java wins over Python in case of Object Oriented Programming rules because of strict rules.
  • Java has compiled and build system in place, you can copy build files to deployable environments. In the case of Python, we need to copy actual code snippets to environments.
  • Python is trending and relatively young and Java is classic.
  • An advantage of Java is, you can build the platform-independent application. any devices, that can run the Java Virtual Machine, can run the Java application. whereas for Python you need the particular compiler, then you need to compile the code to run on that platform.
  • Language patterns in Java are matured than of Python in terms of implementations.

Simple Examples :

Python Snippet:

Java Snippet: