Run Multiple Ingress-Nginx Controller in Kubernetes Namespaces.

Sreedhar Bukya
1 min readJan 27, 2023

In this article, I would like to cover, How to we run the Ingress-nginx controller in namespaces which can be controlled separately easily instead of having controlled at Cluster level.

Please notes, there are quite a number of ingress helm charts available on github. This is only focused on `ingress-nginx`. It is important to have namespaces which can be controlled by teams on K8 Resources.

If you are looking for `nginx-ingress controller` or `nginx-ingress` tools, this is not the articles which can help probably.


Kubernetes version: 1.22 +

Ingress-nginx: 1.3.1 +

Helm Chart:


ingressClassByName: true
enabled: true
name: "${NAMESPACE}-nginx"


If we follow above pattern, you should be able to enable to work with ingress-nginx in multiple namespaces across the cluster.

Once you apply above template in your ingress: you may verify the ingressclass resource

kubectl get ingressclass

My Background: I have been working with Kubernetes since 5+ years, I am seasonal blogger on some the issues, which I face during the setup to spread the knowledge on the K8.

Please do let me know in case of any issues.