About myself

Sreedhar Bukya
1 min readSep 26, 2018


Myself Sreedhar, I am currently working with an Edu-Tech startup, Toppr

I worked with Alacriti Info System in Hyderabad, India in the past. I used work with R&D team developing new products and innovative projects for their team.

I am an explorer and developer who loves to build products end to end. I learn things by building and wants to fail fast and learn fast. I am eager to learn new things in technology space. I enjoy troubleshooting problems and refactoring code.

I have hands-on experience in building web apps using various techniques. I worked with technologies like Python/Django, Java, Angular, Postgres, and ElasticSearch etc.

I am interested in the automation of the deployment and Infrastructure. Recently, I have finished AWS Certified Associate Architect.

A few years back, I graduated from IIT Kharagpur in Electronics & Electrical Communications Engineering.

Please feel free to communicate in case of any. Mobile: +91 8897047069 Email, LinkedIn, Twitter